global leaders in developing and manufacturing towbars

Brink Towing Systems boasts a modern towbar manufacturing facility in Pietermaritzburg, equipped with a significant number of Yaskawa robotic welding cells.

Why Choose Brink?

Brink has been synonymous with towbar expertise for over a century and has become a global market leader in designing, testing and manufacturing towbars. Why choose Brink? Brink’s core values focus on innovation, style, ease of use and most importantly safety and reliability.


Our testing facilities ensure that we manufacture some of the strongest, most durable and longest lasting towing systems on the market. 


Design is a very important ingredient. Our products not only fill a function but are also well-designed to be aesthetically pleasing.


Brink functionality comprises simplicity and ergonomics. Users should be able to use or mount our products without looking into the manual.


A Brink product should still look good after five years of intensive use. We build our testing systems around that objective to make sure that we can deliver on those expectations. 


Brink towbars are endorsed by the South African Road Safety Foundation and are approved by most locally represented vehicle brands. Brink towbars comply with both European ECE R55 and SANS1505 standards. Safety is paramount.


Brink is not only about technical innovations, it is also about new materials and innovative design. Our innovations are based on understanding customers' needs. We are constantly rethinking simplicity.

Types of Towbars

At Brink Towing Systems you can choose from a wide variety of towbars. Whether you want to tow a trailer, caravan, bike carrier, horsebox or boat trailer, Brink almost always has the right towbar and wiring kit to meet your requirements.

Bike Carrier - Brink Towing Systems

Bike Carrier Solution

The Brink RMC Bike Carrier Solution is designed especially for cars without towing capacity.

Detachable Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Detachable Towbar

The Brink Detachable Towbars are easy to handle and clip on and off easily with one hand as required.

Fixed Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Fixed Towbar

The Fixed Towbar is permanently available, maintenance free and will last the lifetime of your car.

Retractable Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Retractable Towbar

The Retractable Towbar is invisible after retracting, easy to operate and offers the same security & strength as a fixed towbar.

Flange Ball Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Flange Ball Towbar

Designed specifically for delivery vans, pickups and chassis cabs, the Brink Flange Ball Towbar is made for heavy-duty work as it can easily tow over three tonnes.


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