At Brink Towing Systems you can choose from a wide variety of towbars. Whether you want to tow a trailer, caravan, bike carrier, horsebox or boat trailer, Brink almost always has the right towbar and wiring kit to meet your requirements.

We distinguish between the bike carrier solution, detachable towbars, fixed towbars, retractable towbars and flange balls towbars. Even though every type of towbar has its own special features, they share some common characteristics that ensure premium quality.

Bike Carrier - Brink Towing Systems

Bike Carrier Solution

Are you an avid cyclist, but your car does not permit towing? The Brink RMC Bike Carrier Solution might be the answer! This system is not able to tow, but it does allow you to carry. Almost all bike carriers can be mounted on this carrying solution.

Detachable Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Detachable Towbar

Are you looking for a towbar for your car that becomes completely invisible after use? Then the Brink Detachable Towbar is the perfect solution. The design of the car stays intact when you aren’t towing with the fitting being barely visible and yet you still have a towbar whenever you need it.

Fixed Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Fixed Towbar

Are you looking to set up your vehicle for frequent towing? Then the Brink Fixed Towbar is the right fit for you. The Fixed Towbar is suitable for every type of bike carrier, and it can easily take any challenge, be it towing a trailer, caravan, horsebox or boat trailer.

Retractable Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Retractable Towbar

Do you regularly use your towbar, value the design of your car and want the best ease of use? The Brink Retractable Towbar offers this combination. If the towbar is put away, there is nothing to indicate the presence of it under your car and you only need one simple hand movement before it is ready to use again.

Flange Ball Towbar - Brink Towing Systems

Flange Ball Towbar

Designed specifically for delivery vans, pickups and chassis cabs, the Brink Flange Ball Towbar is made for heavy-duty work as it can easily tow over three tonnes. The Flange Ball Towbar is available in three different versions: a two-hole, four-hole or lowered four-hole, depending on the usage and weights you plan to tow.