Detachable Tow Bars

A towbar is not like any other accessory for your vehicle, it has a profound effect on the way in which the vehicle behaves and performs. So it is important to choose carefully, don't make your towing system the weakest link! Choose a Brink Towing System as we are the global leader in developing towbars that are safe and durable. Each new towbar concept undergoes intensive testing to ensure they withstand local environmental conditions Brink towbars are endorsed by the South African Road Safety Foundation and are approved by most of the locally represented vehicle brands. Whether manufactured here or abroad, the towbars comply with both European ECE R55 and SANS1505 standard.

Detachable: The key feature of this new system is the coupling of the ball. At first the ball is easily positioned in the housing. After a light push in a vertical direction on top of the ball, the system just clicks into position. The BMA is supplied with a security lock, a bag for the tow ball and where possible a fold-away socket plate is used.