Our Test and Development Centre

Sound engineering is the fore runner to smooth production, our towbar test and development centre in Pietermaritzburg, gives us an improved ability to not only design, research and develop towbars from scratch, but also to test new and existing product to meet the latest international standards. New concepts undergo aggressive and intensive testing to determine how well they stand up to actual environmental conditions

Designed and manufactured locally the test rig is linked to the Brink Towing's Innovation Centre in Staphorst, Holland, making the local operation an integral part of Brink's global network. The testing process at Pietermaritzburg is completely transparent, not only within the Brink Group but organizations such as the South African Bureau of Standards and car manufacturers are able to log in as observers, not only with access to video but also the actual test parameters and status in terms of the number of cycles completed. All Brink towbars – whether made here or imported - are designed to comply with the European ECE R55 standard, which is more stringent than the SANS1505 standard that towbars sold locally are theoretically required to meet.

This facility enhances our engineering capacity by enabling us to swiftly and proactively meet the specific requirements of our South African customers while also being able to supply the export markets which locally-based OEMs service.

The facility fits perfectly with Brink's philosophy of creating a broader engineering network, the core of which is the primary test rig in Holland which opened in mid-2010 and is capable of testing in three-axis; in other words, up/down, fore/aft and side to side. This facility is considered the core of innovation for the Brink towbar brand and it is from here that nearly all new product is developed.