Why Brink Towing Systems?

A towbar is not like any other accessory for your vehicle, it has a profound effect on the way in which the vehicle behaves and performs. So it is important to choose carefully, don't make your towing system the weakest link! Choose a Brink Towing System as we are the global leader in developing towbars that are safe and durable. Each new towbar concept undergoes intensive testing to ensure they withstand local environmental conditions Brink towbars are endorsed by the South African Road Safety Foundation and are approved by most of the locally represented vehicle brands. Whether manufactured here or abroad, the towbars comply with both European ECE R55 and SANS1505 standards.

Our towing systems are designed for your vehicle and our warranty matches that of your vehicle. Each is tested with our Brink accessories, ensuring compatibility and safety and our wiring system enables trailer stability.

Brink Towing Systems transports valuable possessions - safely, easily and in-style.

Smart Solutions, Shared Passions, Active Lifestyle

The company's three key principles are: Smart Solutions, Shared Passions and Active Lifestyle. They reflect the way in which we approach all the elements of our business from design through to execution as well as how we interact with both clients and suppliers.

Shared Passions - we understand our customers needs better than our competitors as we are part of our market, using our products in our daily life.

Smart Solutions - are the result. The perfect Brink product is a synergy between design and function. We create innovative and user-friendly products whilst aiming for the highest possible quality.

Active Lifestyle - so we make it easier for consumers to do what they want or have to do!

Innovation, Aesthetics, Functionality, Quality, Safety

We focus on 5 criteria when approaching any aspect of the business. It is important, when developing a new product, that it meets the standard of each of the criteria

Innovation - Brink is not only about technical innovations, it is also about new materials and innovative design. Our innovations are based on understanding customers' needs. We are constantly rethinking simplicity.

Aesthetics - Design is a very important ingredient. Our products not only fill a function but are also well designed, they must be aesthetically pleasing

Functionality - Brink functionality comprises simplicity and ergonomics. Users should be able to use or mount our products without looking into the manual. We know and anticipate how our products will be used.

Quality - A Brink product still should look good after five years of intensive use. We build our testing systems around that objective to make sure that we can deliver on those expectations. Our testing facilities ensure that we manufacture some of the strongest, most durable and longest lasting towing systems on the market. We are so confident, we back all of them with a five year/lifetime warranty.

Safety - Safety is at the very heart of all Brink products and we break it down into two areas:

  1. Crash safety: Brink has invested approximately 2.4 millon Euro in new test facilities in Sweden, and all new European car accessories products are tested according to the latest city crash norms.
  2. Protection: Whether we protect somebody from breaking in (theft protection), secure the storage of valuable goods inside or transportation solutions, the consumer should know that we take care of all the details.

Brink and OEs - A Perfect Fit

Towbar installation cannot be seen as a commodity. The towbar is virtually the only accessory which interacts with the vehicle in such detail and no other accessory has such a profound effect on the way in which the vehicle behaves or performs. Our goal is not only to fit as many vehicles as possible but to ensure the products meet the necessary requirements, safely and securely.

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